Saturday, February 4, 2012

Invading My Personal Space

As you know i'm agoraphobic ( i know it's stupid ailment to have ) and i HATE meeting strangers, especially when they come to house and invade my space. That's seems to be happening a lot lately, i'm so stressed out these days. I'm spending too much time online. This winter sucks we've only had handful cold days it;s too much like early summer. The recent invasion of the Travelling Comedy and Hate show ( ie the Republicans) invasion of Florida was so over bearing even Republicans we're sick of it. Romney, cult memeber and Millionaire bought the primary, Newt the crook just fumed and sputtered and looked impotent as usual,this guyis so slimey he makes Mitt and his magic underwear look trustworthy.Ron Paul said fuck it and left the state,Santorum (spelling) had family crisis and left early and no real chance. Watching those idiots made me so angry and sick and made wonder if there is any sane republican left in America. The teabaggers are doing a great job of killing off the party. Obama is shoe-in for re-election.
I want it all go away and leave me alone.

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  1. I wouldn't be able to keep from going off my nut whenever someone came to my door asking me to vote for one of the idiot Republicans.