Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just what does a banana watch on DVD?

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back, so how about an easy post on what movies i've watched so far on DVD (yes i am a luddite and haven't "upgraded" to blu-ray). ENJOY!

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
Private Navy Of Sgt. O'Farrell (1968)
My Man Godfrey (1936)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004)
Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960)
Them! (1954)
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (2005)
Tremors 3 (2001)
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)
Brain That Wouldn't Die (1963)
Star Wars (1977)
Kansas Pacific (1953)
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (2009)
Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Zombieland (2009)
Superman (1948)
Airport (1970)
Airport 1975 (1974)
Dirty Harry (1971)
Airport '77 (1977)
Concorde - Airport '79 (1979)
Bushwhackers (1952)
Fight Zatoichi Fight (1964)
Adventures Of Zatoichi (1964)
Zatoichi's Revenge (1965)
Rio Lobo (1970)
Zatoichi And The Doomed Man (1965)
Carry On Teacher (1959)
Hound Of The Baskervilles (1978)
Zatoichi And The Chess Expert (1965)
Carry On Constable (1960)
Carry On Regardless (1961)
Blood On The Sun (1945)
Carry On Cruising (1962)
Carry On Cabby (1963)
Delta Force (1986)
Lawman (1971)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Carry On Spying (1964)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Follow The Fleet (1936)
Appaloosa (2008)
Steel Claw (1961)
Witchfinder General (1968)
Broadway Melody Of 1940 (1940)
Inside Man (2006)
Army Of Darkness (1992)
And Justice For All (1979)
White Heat (1949)
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980)


  1. I liked Stop Me Before I Kill! quite a bit. And you watched all four Airport movies! Airport 1975 is my favourite - Chuck Heston and Karen Black!

  2. Stop Me Before I Kill was a lot better than the critics would have you believe. I got that Airport DVD set with all 4 films, i had never seen Airport 1979 (the worst of the bunch but the rest are good fun). Cross-eyed Karen Black flying the 747 is one of the most scariest things ever in a movie. :)