Thursday, February 17, 2011


Something nice to look at today and she's on the funniest show on tv!


  1. That show is so funny and so well written and performed that we forget what a great comic actress Kelly is. To hold her own against the madness that is Sheldon is testiment alone to how awesome she is. I love her. She is not just a pretty face...that is only an appreciated bonus.

  2. She is sexy, yes, but she never really uses her beauty to manipulate the boys in a way you would usually expect from a hot girl. And the relentless honesty about the crappy parts of her life from Sheldon put that look on her face that always makes me chuckle.

    Can you tell that I have studied this?

  3. I love how she enjoys doing the show. You can catch her smiling and almost breaking up doing scenes with Jim Parsons. The show is renewed for 2 more years, hope it lasts longer than that.