Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wing nuts keep on a hating

The right and their blogs of hate, so called Christians who hate a man because of his skin color and party. Like maggots eating on half-truths and lies they gorge themselves on the suffering of Americans to gain some retarded "brownie points" in politics.
They try to paint the duly elected by a majority President as the worse ever, they seem to forget the 8 years of the worst President in history, George W. Bush. Each year it was one disaster after another...did any of these right wing bloggers say anything, raise alarms on how Bush and Cheney tried to destroy the rights of Americans and dump on the Constitution...of course.
Some how in their feverish brains of hate they have decided the oil rig disaster is Obama's fault and not BP's or Bush and Cheney who deregulated the oil business so the needed safety devices weren't on that oil rig...remember "Drill baby Drill!" and somehow this is Obama's "Katrina".
Reality dosen't appear to be a part of these people's daily routine of racist attacks.
But truth isn't a part of their job to attack and retard the progress of the United States of America.
Obama can never equal all the fuck-ups of the Bush regime and the do nothing Republicans.
But then many great American heroes died so these poor excuse of Americans sitting on their asses doing nothing but hate and blog hate can do so.

God bless America

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